Donate Rohingya Muslim


Headquarters 10 Infantry Division.
Bangladesh Army.

Account Number: 0096-0310003711.
Trust Bank Limited , Ramu Branch,
Cox’sbazar, Bangladesh

Note: Bangladesh army now in charge of refugee management. You can send money directly to their refugee fund. Please also donate some via paypal so that we can continue advertisement to reach more people.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of young (age 30-33) volunteer lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are computer Engineer by profession. We can afford $100 a month each to help Rohingya Muslim. As our capability is very poor we are thinking to reach toward the world humanity via social media advertisement to collect more money to save these helpless women and children.

Where the money will go?

We will use half of the money to buy food, cloth and medical supply and send to Bangladesh Army Refugee Relief management fund. 40% cash will deposit to Bangladesh Army relief fund bank account so that they can build shelter and other necessities. Rest 10% will be used to give more advertisements to reach more people around the world.