Donate Rohingya Muslim


Headquarters 10 Infantry Division.
Bangladesh Army.

Account Number: 0096-0310003711.
Trust Bank Limited , Ramu Branch,
Cox’sbazar, Bangladesh

Note: Bangladesh army now in charge of refugee management. You can send money directly to their refugee fund. Please also donate some via paypal so that we can continue advertisement to reach more people.

Donate Rohingya Org.

Help world most persecuted muslim minority.

As of today 480000+ Rohingya Muslim minorities have fled their country and cross the Bangladesh border to save their live from Myanmar Army oppression and ethnic clash. According to our visual inspection most of them (65-75%) are women and children. While asking where their men are, they burst into tears and said Myanmar Army killed them in front of their eyes.
The world power except Muslim country expressed their solidarity with Myanmar and very few country send food. These foods are insufficient for them. Local people are giving most of the support. We do not know how long they can afford to help. The medical, cloths and shelter are the main crisis now.
We are a bunch of volunteer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who can afford only $100 a month each to help Rohingya Muslim thinking to extend our hand toward the world humanity to save these helpless women and children. We are planning to spend our limit to promote via social media and collect donation. The collected donation will sent to Bangladesh Army Relief Fund and Some will be using advertisement to reach more people.